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The definitive Chatbot marketing course for Amazon Sellers. Built by highly successful sellers, for highly successful sellers using proven industry-leading strategies.

Learn how to grow a raving fanbase, launch, rank, and get reviews on your products all within Amazon's TOS.


From MBU to CMU

MBU is being upgraded! Our name has changed and our new course, Chat Marketing University. Purchase MBU today and get automatic access to CMU upon its release in November.

No Risk

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with CMU you can request a 100% refund within 30 days.


When you purchase our full course through Chat Marketing University you get three months of free access to our private Facebook group for students of CMU.

"I had heard of bots, we weren’t using them. What was important to me is the psychology in the wording of the flows that you use. You had already done months of research into what works. That put us well ahead of where we could have started on our own."

Kevin Mallory
8-Figure Amazon Seller

Yeah, We're Experts

We've been working with chatbots since they came out in 2016 and were the first Chatbot Marketing Automation training out there. We first began by experimenting in our businesses then implementing in others through our teaching in CMU (formerly Messenger Bot University) and private consulting.

We're not just marketers with no skin in the game, we're expert sellers teaching other sellers how ot be experts too.

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